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Our Founder

Photography by Kenneth Choo.

The Angelina Tay School of Bellydance Singapore
Our Mission

We offer belly dance classes of all levels, teaching the "how-to" of bellydancing, while working to improve flexibility, strengthening core muscles and building self-confidence for women from all walks of life. 

Our Philosophy

​We believe in the power of love. Whatever you do, it has to start with love. 

We love bellydance because we love how bellydance...

  • interprets the mesmerizing music and rhythms of the Middle East into graceful and elegant dances.

  • makes us feel comfortable and confident of the way we are.

  • widens our network and perspective by connecting us with a lovely and supportive community of bellydance enthusiasts.

And so WE WANT TO SHARE OUR LOVE FOR BELLYDANCE! Start your journey in bellydance with our belly dance lessons now!

Call us today at +65 9002 6104 to find out more about our bellydance classes.







Videography by Derek Tee.

Bring the

Lights Up...

learning bellydance is more than

just mastering the techniques...

it is also a journey of self-discovery,

an avenue for self-expression, and a

channel to learn from and be connected with people with a common passion...


Be in love...

bellydance is all about you...

learn to appreciate what you have and who you are and experience the joy of bellydance that begins with loving yourself!


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