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A concert where different tribes unite in support of the Lupus Association Singapore

Tribes 1st May 2019 _ Gateway Theatre Bl

Angelina's Message

Angelina Tay _ Singapore Bellydancer
Princess Jasmine _ Angelina Tay School O

“One must do their best!” is the simple philosophy by which I live. When I commit to a project, personal or professional, I give it my all. I feel an immense sense of satisfaction and achievement when the journey to the outcome has been filled with challenges, learning experiences, hard-work, support, laughter and joy. I find myself trying to be a better person with each subsequent endeavour.

This is the 8th consecutive year that we have put up a concert in support of the patient-led support charity, Lupus Association Singapore, which raises awareness for this lesser known auto-immune disease. 

Each year I strive to infuse novel elements and fresh ideas to keep the excitement alive. This has been possible due to continued support of amazing students and friends, which has culminated in this year’s concert theme- “Tribes”. Each element of the show from its concept, costumes, choreography, music, production, marketing, front of house has been intricately crafted and executed. I'd like to take the opportunity to thank every single person who has helped make this concert a reality.

A special thanks to Distinct Creative Arts for the production support, and our sponsors, Dr Juliana from Fusion Medical Health Screening & Aesthetic, Ms Jasmine Ng, Ms Aishwarya Prithviraj, Ms Sheree Lim from Sheree Costumes, and Ms Ariel Yeo. My heartfelt thanks also to my dearest friends who never stop believing in me and inspiring me - Francesca Harriman, Alex Lim, Hafeez Hassan, Oliver Pang, Gino Flordeliza Babagay and Charmain Ho. And of course, my family, especially my mom and my aunt Christine, who have shown me the meaning of unconditional love. Thank you all of you for loving me.

I now invite you to come be a part of Our Tribe through this experience.

The Tribal Universe

Welcome to our universe. A place where time loses relevance, where the past, present and future dissolve. Here reality and imagination come together seamlessly, so our eclectic tribes can co-exist. Soon you will meet the Tribes of Nature, Royal Tribes, Mystical Tribes, Magical Tribes, Modern Tribes and many more. All these tribes celebrate their differences and simultaneously share the passion for their individual expressions

The Progamme


These birds are calling to open the celebration and depict the fun and enjoyment of life. The percussion, whistles, shimmer and joy in the movement set the rhythm for the festivities to follow. Don’t miss a beat!

Dance Style: Bellydance Samba Fusion 

Choreography: Angelina Tay

Music: "Sambuka" by Artem Uzunov

Dancers: Angelina Tay with Aishwarya Prithviraj, Ariel Yeo, Cindy Cheng, Yang Rongluan, Karen Chaw, Chan Mimi, Patricia Saw, Yong Pau Yen, Salima Nadira, Soh Shwu Jing, Jasmine, Lin Wen Chuen. (Intermediate/Advanced level students)

Trivia: The queen of the flock loves percussion and is particularly fond of how this dance form "creates" these rhythms, as though the body is a percussion instrument.  Every single costume is designed and handmade by her with the help of her ever-supportive mother and aunty Christine.

Tribes Sambuka.jpg
Angelina Sambuka Solo small School of Be

The Master of Elements will acquaint you with our tribes. This is his universe and he is here to tell you its story. Allow him to lead you into this world of eclectic thoughts, captivating movements and a range of emotions.

Guest Performer: Oliver Pang

Tribes Oliver .jpg

These princesses have recently become aware of their royal status. While they are still on their journey to perfect their poise and “royal ways” they don’t forget to have fun together.

Dance Style: Bellydance

Choreography: Angelina Tay   

Dancers: Agnes Cham, Annie Yap, Christine Lim, Jasmine Ng, Jenny Long, Ming Yann, Waheeda. (Advanced Beginners level students)

​Trivia: These princesses are rather new to dancing and would love some encouragement

Tribes Aladdin n Jasmine .jpg
Aladdin n Jasmine School Of Bellydance I
Tribes Arabian Princess.jpg

Aladdin and Jasmine have a place in every universe. They’ve played a role in shaping the imagination of children and grown-ups alike. No matter how many times one sees them it still brings immense joy to witness these two together. View this magical duo through the lens of our tribal universe.

Choreography: Alex Lim

Dancers: Alex Lim and Angelina Tay

Trivia: Someone has harboured dreams of playing Princess Jasmine and her dreams finally come true!

The fabulous Aladdin costume is designed by Sheree while the magnificent Jasmine costume by Bella


Make way for the Ice Queen as she dons her cape, wields her fan veils and commands the elements of nature to move at her will. Watch as she swishes and sways swiftly to gives us the chills.

​Dance Style: Bellydance with fan veil

Dance and Choreography: Patricia Saw (Student Soloist)

Tribes Patricia.jpg

From the chilling cold we travel to the warm and friendly tropics. Meet our peacock Iridescent, royal, striking, graceful and ostentatious. In anticipation of the monsoon it moves elegantly enchanting all those in the vicinity.

Dance Style: Bellydance

Dance and Choreography: Yong Pau Yen (Student Soloist)

​Trivia: This song called "The Beautiful" (El Helwa Di) is from the early 1900s by Sayed Darwish, the composer of the Egyptian National Anthem, who is also known as the Father of Egyptian Popular music.

Tribes Pau Yen.jpg

Just as our peacock anticipated, the clouds rollover softly creating a cool blanket over the sky. A mild drizzle hits the earth, there's an air of romance, expectation and hope... As the trees sway softly everything flows in harmony, suddenly clouds clash, the birds signal, thunder strikes, lightning crackles and just like that it's time for the elements of nature to play!

Watch as these two clouds move, drift, dance and play to create a beautiful monsoon

Dance Style: Fusion (Dance influences Bellydance, Modern, Tribal)

Dance and Choreography: Aishwarya Prithviraj & Ariel Yeo (Student Duet)

Tribes Aish n Ariel.jpg

The rain brings with it a bloom of flowers. Here is a field of joyous sunflowers symbolising adoration and longevity. These happy flowers are here to make you smile with positivity. Have fun and sway along 

Dance Style: Latin Fusion

Choreography: Angelina Tay

Dancers: Angelina Tay with Cindy Cheng, Cheryl Yeo, Yang Rongluan, Karen Chaw, Chan Mimi, Patricia Saw, Peggy Ng, Ng Pei Hsia, Sharon Tay, Soh Shwu Jing (Intermediate/Advance level students)

Special thanks to Sheree for help with the costumes

Angelina Sunflower.jpg
Tribes Sunflower.jpg

Our universe will return to yours in 15 earth minutes


Elevate your spiritual energy with this tribal dance inspired by the earthly tribes of Machupicchu.  Observe the changing dynamics and be entranced by the pulsating beats, escalating energy and intriguing movements


Dance Style: Tribal Funk

Choreography: Francesca Harriman

Dancers: Francesca Harriman with Yang Rongluan, Yong Pau Yen, Salima, Siti, Daisy, Priscilla, Peggy Ng, Ng Pei Hsia, Faiezah, Waheeda, (Advance Beginners/Intermediate level students)

Trivia: These costumes are handmade by Angelina with the help of her mom and aunt

Francesca School of Bellydance7729.jpg
Tribes Tribal Funk.jpg
Tribes Namiko.jpg

Love answers to the call of the ipu (gourd drum) in this Green Rose Hula dance. The music expresses the singer's yearning for a chance to "spend time wooing" a loved one. 


Guest Dancers: Alaka'i Kapuananiokekukui Namiko and her dancers

Trivia: Alaka'i has been dancing since the age of six and has explored multiple genres of dance including ballet, bellydancing and flamenco. She is now the principal of the School of Hawaiian Hula under the direction of Kumu Leihi'ilani Kirkpatrick of Kaua'i Hawai'i. 

Team Distinct.jpg
Angelina Tay School of Bellydance _ Sing
Angelina Tay _ Singapore Bellydancer

Speed and intuitive precision are skills of the wild and here they have been unleashed to strike you with exactly that. Don’t blink coz you might miss a move.  Brace yourself for an attack from the wild

Guest Dancers: Team Distinct


Beauty and elegance are attributed to fairies in every realm. Meet the oriental fairies of the tribal universe with their graceful moves, flowing attire and soft demeanour. They celebrate the beauty of life in and around them.

​Dance Style: Bellydance (Oriental Mejanse)

Dancers: Aishwarya Prithviraj, Ariel Yeo, Cindy Cheng, Yang Rongluan, Chan Mimi, Yong Pau Yen, Jasmine, Sharon Tay, Soh Shwu Jing, Lin Wen Chuen (Intermediate/Advanced level students)


The universe, even ours is fuelled by passion and love. A dance dedicated to everyone witnessing and supporting each other keeping love alive.

​Dancer: Angelina Tay

Alex Lim _ Angelina Tay School Of Bellyd
Angelina n Alex School Of Bellydance .jp
Tribes Dabke.jpg
Dabke Singapore _ Angelina Tay School of

Who says angels are just nice? Meet two of them from our world - they don’t have wings but they more than make up for it with their style, flair and attitude! Watch them in a battle of movements which showcases their individuality but also makes you notice how they’re similar.

Dancers: Angelina and Alex

Trivia: Bellydancing is a new experience for Alex. We’re thankful for his dedication and support to co-create


Ultimately, we all want to celebrate life. We hold hands, we understand and support each other, and we dance together with joy and a happiness.

Dance Style: Dabke

Guest Dancers: DABKE SINGAPORE - Hafeez Hassan, Gino Flordeliza Babagay, Francesca Harriman, Charmain Ho


Trivia: This is the premier of Dabke Singapore. Led by Hafeez Hassan, the team will make you want to stand up and dance. Traditionally this style emerged in  Lebanon when people held hands to fix cracked rooftops and they packed the clay by stomping their feet, the Dabke has come a long way since then and is now a must-have in all Arabic parties and celebrations. This is the perfect ending to celebrate “our tribes”.

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