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World of Fantasies 2018

Gala in support of the Lupus Association Singapore

1st May 2018, 2:30pm at the Gateway Theatre Blackbox

"World of Fantasies" is our 7th annual gala in support of the Lupus Association Singapore

In addition to performances from the Angelina Tay School of Bellydance, we are honoured to also present a list of amazing guest artistes, including: Superstar dancer Tami Fogueira from Jamaica with her Brazilian Samba and Afro dances, Danny Koh, Rex Teo and Willis Lee from the Singaporean visual arts group B.O.T. (The Blades Of Tomorrow) with their electrifying lights show, and a team of professional dancers, Hafeez Hassan, Francesca Harriman, Jennifer Pau, Farah Bee Dawood, Charmain Ho, Gino Flordeliza Babagay, Syazwan Rahmad, Alex Lim and Angelina Tay, presenting a dance number "Aiyohuasca", specially commissioned for this event.


Angelina's Message


It all started out with a calling to do something good and meaningful within my means. And when I put all that I know and have together, it naturally falls into place. To create a platform where my students can put what they learned in class and bring their performances on stage for a good cause, and at the same time also provide an avenue for myself to continue growing as an artist and to learn from and connect with fellow artists. 

The journey can get a little tough at times, but I am very blessed to get the support of many people, in many different ways. No words can describe how grateful and thankful I am. 

As you enter into our "World of Fantasies", I hope you will experience our simple joy and passion, and perhaps be inspired to join us in supporting our cause. 


We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to our sponsors and supporters for their kindness and generousity. Their unconditional support contributes to the success of our show and our cause, where more profits from our show will be donated to the Lupus Association Singapore.

Fusion Medical & Aesthetic Executive Centre for sponsoring the tea break buffet for the event.

Himawari Japanese Restaurant for sponsoring the snacks for all the performers and crew before the show.

Distinct Creative Arts for sponsoring the studio space for the rehearsals of the Aiyohuasca item and all the backstage support of the show.

Playback Studio for providing the videography of the show.

Silent Stars Entertainment for cash sponsorship.

Mr MY Ling for sponsoring the venue on the day of the show.

Ms Peggy Ng for sponsoring the venue for the rehearsal the day before the show.


We believe that arts is more than a tool for self-expression, self-fulfilment or for entertainment, arts can also bring people together not just to share a common passion but also for a greater purpose - one of which is to help the less advantaged. We seek to raise awareness for the lesser known disease Lupus and the Lupus Association Singapore.

Lupus is an autoimmune disease with no permanent cure. Nine out of ten lupus patients are women and studies have shown that the disease had more severe clinical manifestation in Asians than in Caucasians. Every lupus patient have different symptoms, some of which can be life endangering. 

The Lupus Association Singapore (LAS) is a self-help group dedicated to provide support for patients and their families. The group aims to assist lupus patients by providing practical support and by giving people the opportunity to share experiences with others who have lupus. Find out more at

We hope that more people will know about lupus and donate to the Lupus Association Singapore.


The Bellydancers' Course (TBC) is our school's unique four-months intensive bellydance performance training programme for bellydance enthusiasts to experience the full preparation for a dance production. The course includes weekly technique drills, lessons in various troupe choreographies, solo dance preparation, as well as costuming, stage makeup and hair styling workshops and a professional studio photography session. In this year's TBC 2018, the TBC dancers present an "Arabian Fantasy" dance with Angelina Tay, a jazz funk dance "Elastic Heart" taught by Francesca Harriman and also a Sword Dance choreography by Angelina Tay. Another highlight includes five TBC Soloists who will be dancing to both traditional and fusion styles of bellydance. 

Angelina Tay School of Bellydanc

"Elastic Heart" - Jazz Funk by Francesca Harriman | The Bellydancers' Course 2018 | The Angelina Tay School of Bellydance Singapore

Angelina Tay School of Bellydance

"Arabian Fantasy" | The Bellydancers' Course 2018 | The Angelina Tay School of Bellydance Singapore

Angelina Tay School of Bellydance

"Sword Dance" | The Bellydancers' Course 2018 | The Angelina Tay School of Bellydance Singapore


Juliana Latif | Doctor and Cat Lover | 9 years in bellydance

March 17, 2018

7 years and 7 TBC (The Bellydance Course) courses later I’m still hooked! 


The fantasy theme of this year’s TBC has enraptured the inner child in me and piqued my interest. For me personally it has taken me out of my comfort zone which initially was quite challenging and daunting, but once I learned to just let go and run with it, I realised I could push myself to great new heights. Once again, I am reminded of how Angelina’s school never ceases to amaze me by continuously teaching me new life lessons. As a result, I grow into a better person and a better dancer. 


I have to thank my beautiful dance mates who I have had the honour of sharing this journey with. Every class is never short of laughter, respect, love and support for one another. 


And lastly thank you to my dearest Angelina for teaching us all to dream to the heavens and sharing with us the gift of dance. 

Ariel Yeo | Recruitment Manager | 4.5 years in Bellydance

March 17, 2018

This is the 5th consecutive year I’m participating in The Bellydancers’ Course (TBC 2018-in support of The Lupus Association) at ‘The Angelina Tay School Of Bellydance’ 

In this course, I have learnt the importance of teamwork. Whenever we make a mistake, there is a chance to improve. We never stop learning. I strongly believe that every dancers’ effort and commitment contributes to the success of the show.

I am thankful to have this opportunity to perform on a big stage again with everyone who shares the same passion.

Lastly, I would like to thank Angelina for her patience and passionate guidance. Her belief in the potential of all her students continually fuels us all to greater heights.


JIAYOU !!! ~ TBC 2018

Aishwarya Prithviraj | more than just a Marketing Consultant :) | 7 years in Bellydance

March 17, 2018

Dance has always been my favourite form of expression. I’ve grown up being fascinated by Bellydance; the way it blends feminine grace with power is unique. Far beyond its sensuous perception this dance brings self-awareness, strength and courage to acknowledge and celebrate yourself just the way you are!

I started learning from Angelina 2 years ago and in her I found a graceful dancer I admire, a generous teacher who inspires and a thoughtful individual who ensures each one of us stays motivated and well fed!

Last year I was unable to join the ‘TBC’ but I watched in amazement the dedication and camaraderie amongst those who were a part of it. Despite time being a constraint, I was determined to be a part of it at least once, so here we are. The past few months have been all about immersing ourselves in what we love to do, during this time all of us have had our share of difficult days but we’ve got through them with Angelina’s guidance and each other’s help.

TBC 2018 has given me the opportunity to work on my skills as a dancer, meet some great people and a meaningful event to look forward to. It is an experience I will always be grateful for.

Yong Pau Yen | Certified Aromatherapist | 9 years in Bellydance

March 17, 2018

This is my sixth year of performance in the annual gala show organized by The Angelina Tay School of Bellydance in support of Lupus Association Singapore (LAS).

Juggling time and priorities are the major challenges we face. The strong positive energy of the classes and beautiful works keep drawing me back to the programme. I am happy that I managed to join this year even though I am unable to participate in all the dances. 

We live in reality day in day out, let’s take this opportunity to soak our minds in the World of Fantasies afternoon, creating fantasies through the amazing works put up by teacher Angelina Tay. ♥♥

Wendy Ong Wei Zhen | Human Resource Executive | 5 years in bellydance

March 17, 2018

This is my third-year enrolling with The Bellydancers Course at Angelina’s school of Bellydance. This year is going to be a new challenge as I perform the first solo dance in my life. I am grateful that I have Ms. Angelina to guide me through my preparation for this performance, right from music selection, music editing to dance choreography she has been there every step of the way. I’m thankful to Elaine who has also helped me with music editing.

Before I decided to perform a solo, I always thought that a solo dance was much easier as we just need to follow the rhythm and beat, without practising with dance mates. However, after going through the entire process, I realised that “we don’t know what we don’t know”. Solo dance choreography is not easy especially because it involves the dancer having the sole responsibility of executing effective expressions and creating engagement with the audience. Without the facial expressions and the feeling, the whole dance doesn’t look alive. By making the decision to do  solo, I wanted to prove something to myself and move to the next stage of my journey as a dancer.

Ms. Angelina has given me 100% support in terms of all my queries including personal queries. She has helped me a lot and given me tons of positivity and encouragement. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to her for giving me so much attention and care. She has done more than a Bellydance teacher, I can say that she is a mentor to me.

Finally, I would like to share that this is an awesome and wonderful Bellydance course. Through the course we can make friends, enhance our bellydance techniques, knowledge and motivate each other to progress to the next stage and get closer to being a professional bellydancer. We must always keep in mind that we will never know our potential unless we try something new!

Thank you.

Elaine Chung | Technical Manager (Architectural) | 4.5 years in bellydance

March 17, 2018

I'm glad to have an opportunity to do a solo in TBC 2018. This is the 2nd time I’m participating to add to my stage experience which is fun and exciting. This is an experience completely worth having. I love what I'm doing and I’m able to see the progress I make every single day. 

Last but not the least, I would like to thank Angelina & my lovely dance mates for their guidance.

Cindy Cheng | Marketer | 6.5 years in bellydance

March 17, 2018

World of Fantasies will be a show with many pleasant surprises! It is a good opportunity to showcase our many months of hard work and team spirit. 

I have enjoyed the course thoroughly given it’s flexibility and options to suit my needs. Beyond the dancing, I am thankful for a group of very supportive dance-mates. We have built our friendships over many years. I thank each one of them for lending a listening ear and providing words of encouragement when I needed them the most. 

In addition to being a part of the course, I had the golden opportunity to attend the International Oriental Dance Festival “Egypt in Barcelona 2018” in Spain with Angelina, who performed at the festival gala show. Shining like a star, she made us proud.  While I was there, I attended dance workshops by masters and learned valuable techniques. 

This is the time to do my part to support Lupus Association Singapore. I remain humble and grateful to have a healthy body and mind to dance and live life to the fullest!

Siti Fairuz | Customer Service Executive | 6 months in Bellydance

March 17, 2018

It was just one Google search and Angelina Tay’s profile caught my attention. I still remember the first time I met her for a beginner class, she was so welcoming and I was impressed at how detailed she was during her class. 

She’s an inspiration and will always be someone that I look up to. 


This is my first time joining TBC and I’m blessed to have come across beautiful women who carry the same passion. We are not just a team, we are more like a family. TBC has taught me to be patient, happy and confident. Every lesson is motivational. In every class we learn new things both physically and mentally. What I love most about this course is that I get to explore & share this experience with a lot of other women who love bellydancing too. Bellydancing actually helps to build your inner strength. I finally get to show my feminine side! 


I am very thankful to have crossed paths with our instructor Angelina. She will never give up on us and we will never give up on her. I’m so excited for the performance after all the hard work and effort we all have put in.  This is my first time participating in such event and I can assure you it will never be my last time. 

Stephanie Lim | Sales Manager | 6 years in Bellydance

March 17, 2018

This is my 4th time joining TBC as I truly enjoyed the course. Through Angelina's teaching and patience, my techniques have improved.  She emphasizes a lot on getting the basics right which is very important if you want to become a professional bellydancer.


Her techniques class includes a lot of stamina building and stretching which is important in executing the dance moves well.


Angelina is not only patient but also very encouraging; she always reminds us to keep our spirits high which is essential as we sometimes can get quite demoralised especially when we are unable to get the moves or techniques right.


Everyone in class is helpful and nice; which warms my heart and makes me want to continue being a part of this big family. 


Thank you, Angelina, for all your hard work and patience. Thanks for taking such good care of us and making this course a very memorable one.

Rina Quek | PE Teacher & Avid Baker | 1 year in Bellydance

March 17, 2018

I took up Belly dance as a form of exercise and joined Angelina’s School of Bellydance in July 2017. This is my 1st time embarking on the TBC challenge.

The past months have been a giant leap, a journey of self-discovery; arduous and demanding but the focus has accelerated the learning for me. From stitching and altering costumes, learning the art of stage make-up, posing for a photo-shoot to intensive practising and rehearsing, this journey has given me the chance to experience it all.

Sharing bloopers and laughing together in the troupe as we watch our choreography practice videos over and over again, learning from mistakes and connecting the sequence to the music, I gained confidence gradually as we got closer to the opening day.

My heartfelt “thank you!” to Angelina for her commitment and patience. Angelina is our inspiration, she is the most sensuous, creative and passionate Belly Dancer-Teacher! I am also grateful to the senior dancers for watching over and helping me in my process of polishing and articulating each intricate body movement and dance step. The entire troupe has put in a lot of effort and time to make this show possible.

The POSITIVE Energy ignited is Explosive!

We present our World of Fantasies, be mesmerised as we shimmy, shimmy, shimmy!

Patricia Saw | Senior Controlling Manager | 10+ years in bellydance and still passionately growing!

March 17, 2018

This year I almost could not join her due to my work commitments but Angelina has changed her programme in 2018 with the flexibility to pick and choose the number of items we could be a part of.  I am glad that I did not give up this opportunity and joined her again as I have never felt bored with The Bellydance Course (TBC) at The Angelina Tay School of Bellydance even though this is my 6th time joining it!  

Angelina always surprises us with her creative ideas for the theme year-on-year!  In addition to her creativity, her patience while guiding us and selflessness in sharing her knowledge is inspiring. She also makes efforts to ensure that we have a positive learning environment with good vibes and energy among us!  She believes everyone is a star regardless of how long you have been learning from her and she will guide you to your potential!

Peggy Ng | Business woman | 5 years in bellydance

March 17, 2018

This is yet another challenging year of The Bellydancers' Course (TBC) for me but I get to experience new forms of dance like the Khaleegi and Jazz Funk. This is my 3rd year in the TBC, in this time I have added Isis Wings, Melaya, Jazz, Bollywood, Cabaret... to my dance library.

Angelina has created a platform not only for dance, she has put all of us together to learn, dance with love & heart and teamwork.

The best part is spending these fun and sweaty months with all my wonderful & helpful dance mates. Haha..

Ng Pei Hsia | Regional Finance Control Manager | 8 months in bellydance

March 17, 2018

When I attended my first Bellydance class at Angelina's studio, I immediately felt a sense of familiar connection with it. I felt like every cell in my body was awakened after a long period of hibernation at the office desk. I loved the sensual and graceful moves that the body could achieve and it was an avenue to de-stress amidst the hectic schedule of my corporate job. Hence without hesitation, I signed-up for the The Bellydancers Course after just a few months in my journey. I discovered new facets of what the body can achieve through dancing with the seniors who have constantly improved on their techniques over the years. It was also my first experience with jazz funk which was an absolute challenge with the precision and swift moves of the dance form that was different from Bellydance. I will definitely continue the shimmy journey and achieve greater heights in the years to come. Thank you Angelina and Francesca for the patience and grit to take us through this performance.

Gwen Guo | Entrepreneur | 4 months in bellydance

March 17, 2018

I chose belly dance because of its sensuality, grace and femininity. Learning how to do accents and shimmies is like adding punctuation and expression to the music. Having struggled with my body image for most of my life, I find that Bellydance has given me the confidence to express myself and my body in ways I could've never imagined.


When I joined Angelina's class, I finally found a form of exercise I truly enjoyed. Even though the training has been  challenging, her emphasis on technique and commitment to help her students improve makes the class fun while giving us a sense of achievement. Having had no prior dance background, the first few lessons were stressful for me, but as Angelina always says, you have to keep pushing yourself until you finally have a breakthrough. That breakthrough is immensely satisfying especially when I feel like I can't do it, I’m proven wrong through Angelina's guidance. 


Another outstanding point of Angelina's class is the sisterhood and camaraderie, I've been blessed to be part of this community. Everyone regardless of experience has been immensely helpful and kind. Having an environment where one feels comfortable to fail while pushing oneself is something this class has managed to create.

I've just begun my journey with Bellydance and I hope to continue for many more terms to come! 

Ann Hii | Director | 2 years in Bellydance

March 17, 2018

I started learning bellydance two years ago after hearing that it is enjoyable, energising, and greatly reduces stress levels. They were point-black accurate.

The Angelina Tay School of Bellydance's annual The Bellydancers' Course is, for me, one experience I will never forget. The skills that it has provided me are not limited to bellydancing skills, in fact, they stretch out to that of equipping me with a healthy dose of self-confidence, a source through which I  can relieve built-up stress, and a platform where I can connect and develop new friendships. The course has helped me embrace my body and feel comfortable in my own skin. It has also pushed me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to embolden myself and learn new things I never foresaw myself learning. Over the past years, I have improved endlessly, not only as a dancer but also as a person, thanks to TBC. I truly look forward to the new TBC in the next year.

Wen Chuen Lin | Media Manager | 4 years in Bellydance

March 17, 2018

This is my 3rd time joining Angelina’s annual bellydance course, and over the years this program has become more and more exciting and the friendship among the dancers also grows stronger and stronger! The type of dances Angelina introduces with different kinds of music is a lot of fun for the participants. I appreciate the different rhythms and moves each year. Thanks to Angelina for putting in so much thought and making the programme fun and enjoyable for the participants and audiences each year!

Soh Shwu Jing | Customer Service Coordinator

March 17, 2018

I'm with Angelina Tay's school of Belly Dance Since July 2016. This is my 2nd year of participation in the Gala Show in support of The Lupus Association of Singapore. 

This time I joined the Jazz Funk group performing Elastic Heart, which is a totally different type of dance style compared to Bellydance.  It's fast, full of energy and I love every move but I need to build on my attitude and style!

Balancing a sword on the head while performing Bellydance challenges one's technique and skill. I am glad to have had the opportunity to learn such a dangerous and exotic sword dance. It has given me the chance to improve my Bellydance skills further.

I feel more confident for this Gala Show and I'm glad to be able to contribute to the Lupus Association.

Mimi Chan | Operation Assistant | 8 years in bellydance

March 17, 2018

The Bellydancers' Course from The Angelina Tay School of Bellydance - an annual four months bellydance training programme from January to April has become my once a year activity.


No matter how busy I am, I will be sure to make myself available to join the course and attend all the practice sessions with my dancemates. 


It is not an easy mission for me, as there are a lot of details in the dances to learn and I also have to remember the choreographies with all the formations. This really makes my body and my brain work hard.


It is hard work but I enjoy the process.

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Bellydance Singapore | World of Fantasies 2018



(First Row) Patricia Saw, Mimi Chan, Cindy Cheng, Yong Pau Yen,

(Second Row) Wendy Ong, Francesca Harriman, Gwen Guo, Soh Shwu Jing, Ha, 

(Not in photo) Elaine Chung

Bellydance Techniques Level 2 Class | The Angelina Tay School of Bellydance Singapore



First row - Ming Yann, Rina Quek, Siti Fairuz, Christine Lim 

Second row - Sonya, Peggy Ng, Sharon Tay, Waheeda and Fang Fang

Bellydance Techniques Level 1 Class 2018 | Angelina Tay School of Bellydance Singapore


(From Left to Right) 


Featuring a group of professional Singaporean dancers with different dance backgrounds, who are connected by the same belief that dance surpasses all boundaries, has no discriminations, no antagonisms, and no limitations. "Aiyohuasca" - commissioned by Angelina Tay for "World of Fantasies", is a collaborative exploration dance number led by Hafeez Hassan, to spread the love and passion for dance, in the most organic and sincere way. The "Aiyohuasca" message: "Show your true emotions, for there is no need to hold yourselves back."

Aiyohuasca | World of Fantasies 2018 | In support of Lupus Association Singapore

Hafeez Hassan

Hafeez started out as a street dancer, Michael Jackson being one of his heroes as a kid.

Fantastic 4, his street crew clinched many coveted dance awards, for instance at the Singapore Hip Hop Championship (2006), Da:ns Festival’s Overdrive at the Esplanade (2006), Mediacorp’s The Dance Floor (2007) to name a few.

At 18 he was spotted by local rapper Sheikh Haikel and worked as a choreographer and dancer for music videos and concerts. In 2011 he began to explore different genres, such as contemporary, jazz and ethnic. In 2012 he began his journey in theatre with Theatreworks’ National Broadway Company,Dream Academy’s Kumar: What Makes a Man a Man?, the Singapore Arts Festival’s Flipside with Starlight Alchemy’s Dream of Dragons at the Esplanade and Singapore Nights Festival 2015 where he did dancing with fire. 

 He has also danced in productions with Contemporary Dance company, Maya Dance Theatre. Hafeez is also actively involved in the commercial and theatre scene as a choreographer. His works include Youth Olympic Games closing ceremony's Opening Segment 2010, Tnet the musical 2012, Maya dance theatre's release 2.0 2013 and National day parade, co-Choreographed "Singapura" segment, co-Choreographed WildRice’s Pantomime The Emperor's New Clothes  to name a few.

He has been and still is involved in numerous productions locally and overseas. Hafeez truly believes that there is no end when it comes to learning and exploring more. Hafeez believes that there is no stopping when it comes to learning. He is always looking forward on doing something new.

Francesca Harriman

Francesca trained in dance at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and is an accomplished Singapore based teacher/dancer/choreographer who has worked internationally. She has danced for international artistes like Coco Lee, Sandy Lam, Aaron Kwok and represented Singapore Tourism Board in Berlin, Sweden, South Africa, Pakistan and India. Other  exciting works include the Formula One(Beijing, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore), Mont Blanc (Beijing and Shanghai 2007/08), IIFA Awards, after parties for Rain, Lady Gaga at the Venetian Sands Macau Casino and WOMAD. She has performed in the world tour of Noddy Live, cast of Beauty World and Magic of Love tour (USA, Japan, Korea, China and Thailand). Some recent works include the broadway classic Victor Victoria, as a dancer, singer, actor, which was staged at the Esplanade in Nov,2009. She  also performed in CirqueVille together with international circus stars. The opening of the Singapore Arts Festival 2010 which she danced and choreographed as "Eve" in Fires of Eden. British Chambers in Hongkong,june 2010 and the Marina Bay Sands opening.She also performed in Dick Lee's hit Fried Rice Paradise  which was staged at the Esplanade from August-Sept 2010. She also danced in Vision which was staged at the Esplanade in August 2011.Her most recent work was her dancer/choreographer role in Dreams of Dragons which was part of flipside (Singapore Arts Festival) at the Esplanade in May 2012.She was a dancer in National Broadway Company for Esplanade's 10th Anniversary. She also starred in Crazy X'mas which was staged at the Esplanade  , Dec 2012,in which she danced and sang.She is currently working on several corporate dance projects. Francesca will take the Resorts World Theatre stage early 2015 as a dancer, singer and actor in Dream Academy's Great World Cabaret.


Francesca has taught dance to corporate companies such as Citibank, Dairy Farm, American Express etc. She has taught dance to kids and adults of various genres, Street Jazz, Jazz, Street Funk, Cabaret,etc.

Jennifer Pau

Jennifer started dancing since six years old and has had intensive training in ballet, jazz, contemporary, tap. Having completed her Diploma in Dance from Lasalle College of the Arts where she was awarded the “Outstanding Student Award”. She went on to further her studies with Queensland University of Technology. She now holds a Degree in Fine Arts (Dance) and has been teaching and performing actively locally and overseas for big events like Formula One opening, Singapore Tourism Board, big event launches, Mont Blanc shows etc. She has travelled to many other countries to perform, naming a few, L.A, Japan, China, Brunei, Indonesia etc. She has performed with contemporary dance company “THE” dance company in " Old Sounds". She has performed in the musical "Victor Victoria" in the esplanade. Her latest involvement was in the opera "Carmen" with Singapore Lyric Theatre.

“Dancing is like breathing to me. Can’t live without it.”

Gino Flordeliza Babagay

Gino has been dancing professionally since 2011. Originally from the Philippines, he now calls Singapore his home. Starting from street hiphop beginnings, Gino has blossomed to be a very versatile dancer and choreographer for Singapore's commercial scene with a huge love for street and contemporary jazz dances. He has been involved as a dancer/ensemble in many musical and theatre productions such as "Ah Boys to Men the Musical", " Dimsum Dollies: the History of Singapore part I & II" and the upcoming "La Cage Aux Folles" and also choreographer to "the Sam Willows' Take Hart tour SG" and "The Emperor's New Clothes the Musical".

Syazwan Rahmad

Syazwan Rahmad or known as Wawan is an experienced choreographer & performer who is trained in various dance styles namely Hip- Hop, Jazz Funk, Street Jazz, Creative Dance and Ethnic Fusion. He has choreographed for local artistes such as MunahHirzi, Tay Kewei, Tosh Zhang, Inch Chua and currently official choreographer for Aisyah Aziz. He is a resident dance instructor at Danzpeople dance studio and conducts dance classes in the aforementioned dance genres to children, teens and even adults. He has won numerous national dance competitions in Singapore such as, Super24, Danceworks, Gatsby and Jim Beam, and many more among others. Claiming him as one of Singapore's elite dancers. Other than teaching and dancing competitively, he is a professional commercial dancer for MediaCorp and was once a back up dancer to renowned singers like Rick Astley, Johnny Hates Jazz, Siti Nurhaliza et cetera. He also performs for local and international prestige musicals such as 'BEAUTY WORLD' at the Victoria Theatre in 2015 and 'IMPAK MAKSIMA Musical' at the Esplanade Theatre in 2009. He represented Singapore twice under Singapore Tourism Board and Pico as a performer at the WORLD EXPO in Shanghai (2010) and Yeosu, South Korea (2012). His love for dance never fail to ignite his passion to perform on stage and live his life to the fullest, one dance at a time.

Charmain Ho

Charmain graduated with First Class Honors Bachelor of Arts Honors Degree in Dance from the LASALLE College of the Arts in year 2013. Since then, she has worked with many international and local artists like Siti Nurhalizah, Taufik Batisah, Aisyah Aziz and Alex Tan to name a few. Charmain has also performed in numerous events in Singapore and around Asia. 


Charmain is constantly seeking to develop her art and has exposed herself to many different dance forms, including classical Indian dance, contemporary dance, jazz dance, ballet, Balinese dance and street dance.  


In addition to dance, Charmain also loves to explore the theatrical aspects of the performing arts. She enjoys working in theatre productions and has been involved in a number of local musicals over the years. One such musical was “TROPICANA” (2017) which has heightened her interest to continue to learn and grow in the theatrical field. 


Charmain endeavours to become an all-rounded performer through her continuous pursue to learn and grow in the performing arts.

Alex Lim

Started dancing at the age of 16, Alex was part of In The Making under Distinct Creative Arts. He also went on to do other productions and performances. Alex started his full time dance career at age 18.

Trained in Hip hop, street jazz & contemporary, Alex has been a finalist for multiple local competitions - Super 24, Arena and The Royal Dance Off (Duet) which he was placed 2nd runner up.

Alex has also been performing both locally and internationally for shows and events including: World Expo Kazakhstan 2017, Home Team 50, True Colors Festival 2018

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Tami Fogueira | Angelina Tay School of Bellydance


Owner and Lead Instructor at SambaseIre, a Brasilian Cultural Dance Class and Entertainment company based in Sydney.


Tami Fogueira is from Jamaica and no stranger to African based rhythms and movement, dancing with Contemporary Dance Companies such as The Company Dance Theatre, The Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts, The National Dance Theatre Company of Jamaica and Elizabeth Vickers Dance Studio. Winning a scholarship to dance with The Alkins School of Dance for 2 years in the United Kingdom, Tami was one of two girls chosen from the Caribbean to finish her A Levels training in ballet, jazz, modern, tap and piano. Tami trained three summers at the Royal Ballet School in London and one winter term at Miami City Ballet.


Tami did her Bachelors of Dance at the University of California Santa Barbara. While in the US she danced as an apprentice in Twyla Tharp Dance Company, she danced two summers at the Alvin AILEY School of Dance where she took her first samba classes in 2003 and 2004. Tami left the U.S to later continue her M.A on scholarship at Lasalle College of the Arts in Singapore.


Tami has trained in Brazil for many years with the likes of Carlinhos Salgueiro, Rosangela Silvestre, Vera Passos, Paco Gomes, Vania Oliveira, Tatiana Campelo, Gleide Cambria, Sabrina Ginga, Egili Oliveira, Mayara Lima, Luana Bandeira, Clara Paixao, Raissa Oliveira, Uillana Adães, Evelyn Bastos, Mayombe Masai, Thai Rodrigues, Juliana Moraes, Bellinha Delfim, DanDan Oliveira, Kellyn Rosa, Larissa Reis, Alvaro Reys, Gabriel Castro, Felipe Rodrigues, Pablo Guerreiro, Aninha Malandro, Preta Nascimento and so many other fine masters of Samba. 


A student of Carlinhos Salgueiro, Tami has been teaching Carlinhos’ Method of Samba no Pé and Passista styling for the past 4 years in Sydney with the permission of her Mestre she continues to spread his teachings as well as her own tricks and trademark Afro- Contemporary movements in her classes around the world. Tami is an official Passista (Professional Samba Dancer in Brazil) for two of Rio’s Special/ Premier Leagues Schools G.R.E.S Academicos do Salgueiro and São Clemente.

Tami continues to travel to Brazil every year to further her knowledge of Brasilian Dances with particular interest in Rio de Janeiro’s famous Samba no Pé.

Dance Workshops with Tami

Willis Lee | World of Fantasies 2018 | In support of Lupus Association Singapore



Willis is a multi-talented entertainer who delights his audiences with a wide repetoire of juggling variety acts. Blending humour and high-energy juggling with his unique style, he has fascinated crowds from Singapore and countries such as China, Hong Kong, India and Malaysia. Experience the wonder and excitement as Willis brings entertainment to a whole new level!

B.O.T. | Angelina Tay School of Bellydance
B.O.T. | World of Fantasies 2018 | In support of Lupus Association Singapore
B.O.T.| World of Fantasies 2018 | In support of Lupus Association Singapore



The Blades Of Tomorrow, popularly known as the B.O.T. team, is a Singaporean visual arts group best known for their high energy fire and LED opening acts for commercial dinner and dance events across the Southeast Asian region.

The B.O.T. comprises a dynamic team of multi award winning martial artists, jugglers, dancers as well as fire and light artists. The current 2018 list of resident performers include fire illusionist Danny Koh, national wushu champ Rex Teo as well as guest artiste and national yo-yo champ Willis Lee.

Their electrifying acts have been watched by thousands across Asia and their signature BOT opening act is a hit especially with product and ship launches, commercial dinner and dance events as well as theme parks.

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