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Stay Home and Bellydance Home Video Performances

Angelina's Message

22 September 2020

Time flies and everything is constantly changing.


The Covid-19 pandemic has gotten the world into a volatile state and for many of us, performances came to a standstill, and dance classes have been restricted to virtual access only for quite some time. 

Apart from the inevitable feelings of despair, I've learnt that essentially we have very little needs. A roof over our heads, food and water to consume, simple clothes to wear. But as the months of staying home goes on, I've realised even more so, that arts, music and dance are also essential elements of our lives. Arts (in all forms) are food for our souls. We need to not just feed our physical bodies, but we also need to feed our souls. Arts is what makes our lives full and complete. And you don't have to be an artist to agree with this.


Now that things seem more stable and hopeful, I am even more grateful and motivated to continue to share my art with the world.

I welcome you to join me in my world of bellydance.



Call us at +65 9002 6104 and book yourself in for a bellydance class with us now!


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