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Book A Bellydancer

Experienced and entertaining, Angelina does regular and once-off bellydance performances for restaurants, night spots, private parties, community events and corporate events. A big staged event or a cozy little party, you can be sure that Angelina will liven up the occasion and wow your guests with her mesmerizing and engaging bellydance performances.

To book Angelina for your event, call +65 9002 6104 or email to

Belly dance shows | Singapore | Angelina Tay


Bring Angelina on with her showy bellydance routine performed in an absolutely classy cabaret style. Tease your guests and keep them wanting more. Making it all happen in just 10 minutes. What are you waiting for?

Belly dance shows | Singapore | Angelina Tay

Angelina's Bellydance Show

She's got the grooves and she'll make you move. Turn on the volume and for the next 15 minutes, you'll surely be electrified by Angelina's funky shimmies!

Fire and Belly dance shows | Singapore | Angelina Tay | Danny Koh

Spellbound-Danny & Angelina

A sizzling 25-minute affair of thrilling fire, exotic bellydance and magical sands. Be spellbound by the celebrity duo whose presence is irresistibly magnetic and an absolute must-have for that spectacular event entertainment.

Interested in hiring us for one of your special events? Lets Talk.​​


" When I watch Angelina perform, she instills so much grace, charm and sex appeal like no other. Her dance is energetic but yet feminine. Her choreography is intricate and moving. Once she starts, you can't take your eyes off her. She's like a sensual magnet drawing you into her dance!" 

Anne Weerapass, Vocalist

​"It's always a pleasure to watch Angelina dance - excellent technique, superb choreography, engaging showmanship, charismatic charm - She's got it all. And to top all that, she dances with her heart!"

Claribel Ng, Master Teacher in Middle Eastern Dances


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